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How many Olphas are there?

There is plenty. For a 5 letters word, it will take you weeks to exhaust all combinations. Just keep refreshing your page.

How can I find the name of flower (or any other theme) used in an olphas message?

Simply hover the cursor over the image of interest. Note that an olpha takes the first letter of the image name.

How can I send an Olphas message?

Currently, we do not support emails or other means of communication. However you can compose your message, copy the URL and email it using your email service.

Can I create a gadget using my own word list?

Yes you can. First, you need to upload your word or quote list to our server. You can do this here. Follow instructions and start using your new customized gadget in seconds.

What word lists are available to add to my gadget?

A list of all available Olphas word lists available with short description can be found here .

How can I upload my image?

Simply select upload image from the menu, browse to the image on your computer, select a name for image(optional).
We accept only JPG and GIF images, max 200KB.

How can I change Font/Theme?

You can change any feature from features or if you simply want to change theme, go to home and select your preference.

How can I navigate an OTV message?

An OTV message is a Rapid Serial Visual Presentation using Olphas

Click to play message, click again to pause, or you can go one slide at a time with forward/backward buttons.

Subtitle display name of image that paint olphas letter, open drop down list to view or navigate to all olphas message.

Can I put ads on your site?

Sure, we support our work through advertisements. To get more information on renting an Olphas, contact us at info {at} olphas.com

I have a question not on the list

Please contact us at: info {at} olphas.com